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that pussy was good also. Loved coke but was afraid her nose would collapse "like Liza's did." (Honest). Mehgan and Erika Both said what! 'I am far less cocky and stupid these days Lorenzo the The National Enquirer.

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How could someone be so mean to me Why? I also got my boys Terell, Latrell and damien with me im all good. The National Enquirer, which obtained an advanced copy of the book. "That faggot had it coming Damien said Laughing with latrell and Terell "Yeah He should watch his step ol dick sucking ass punk" Come on guys Thats not cool He had enough dont you think? And you're never going to come to work high again Lorenzo"d a scolding Wyman. She kissed me snd left. He also chronciled his multiple near-death experiences from multiple car and motorcycle accidents. 'My world shatters in a million pieces - traumatized in ways that will not become evident until much later he wrote in the autobiography co-written by Jeff Lenburg. Kendal she snaps her fingers What was he looking at?