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Pupil of Gabriel Gurin at Strasburg. Dagnan-bouveret, Pascal Adolph Jean. 6J.; each side,. Pupil of Huntington in New York; traveled in Italy. American; contemporary; born in Philadelphia; lives in New York City.

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American; born 1838 at Rindge,. At the left,. G741-2 panoramic view OF THE environs OF Gallery haarlem. (334- Gallery 424; Zenobius was a wealthy Florentine who devoted 30 his life to the Church and became bishop of Florence.) An open square in the city; at the left the Saint is stop- ped by a funeral procession and brings the body back. Italian (Venetian born 1696 at Venice; died 1770 at Madrid, Spain. 239 Digitized by Google puvis DE chavannes Signed:. Sn9-2 A green grocer.

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Life-size figure of a boy, seen Gallery to the knees, seated against a tree trunk and looking 24 toward the left; his right hand is in his lap and the left back of his head; he has brown hair and is dressed in dark red. Spanish; born 1848 at Seville; lives in Rome. C31-2 A former royal highway. 100; 191 1,. Figure subjects and landscapes. Ground are pink roses and other cut flowers. (New York black gay ttbm plan q gay lyon connoisseur of Gallery prints and friend of Whistler.) Small, full-length, standing 12 figure, wearing a black coat and gray trousers; in his right hand he holds a high silk hat. R33-8 infancy; known also as Master Hare. (According to Friedlander Gallery this is a portrait of George von Rhein zum Mohren. Belgian; bom 1806 at Toumai; died 1885 at Stockwell, England. Auguste Leloir, and of his brother, Louis Leloir. Faes, Peter van der.

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C361-1 IN THE deep W(X)DS. A stream is in the foreground and at the right a country road bordered by trees; there are masses of violet clouds and above the bushes at the left is a rainbow. The Madonna and a group of Gallery apostles, standing or kneeling, look up in amazement at 34 the ascending Christ whose feet only are showing with the 165 Digitized by Google kulmbach kyle end of a red robe. Italian (Flor- entine bom 1462 at Florence; died there about 1521. P27C-1 THE comical march. 12 Various people are sitting on benches and walking about. Esi-i A basket OF flowers. The single figure is outlined against a dark, stormy sky. 139 Digitized by Google hunt H91-2 girl aountain. Portraits, historical and classical subjects, and decorations.

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